Wedding in Shanghai

With wedding season coming to an end and the rain that had set in last week in the usually sunny California, I’d like to share my first wedding in Shanghai. This wedding I’ve recently taken off my website, although would like to immortalize in this new blog section. This was my first wedding in Shanghai back in 2015 in September inspired by the vintage glamour of the bride’s dress and venue.

This wedding’s theme was a twist on the travel theme. The bride was a flight attendant for JAL,  Japan Air Lines, so she wanted to use this idea for her wedding, including the bright reds from the company coupled with the earth toned foliage and vintage navy blue to create a semblance of Hollywood glamour.

Passports were made as the ceremony program, using the same burgundy red color that brought the whole venue to life, while boarding passes were the escort cards, made to reflect the “seating” on the plane.

As most ceremony’s we do at Lovely Time, this ceremony was outside, but with weather being unpredictable as it is sometimes, it started to rain since the beginning of set up. It make things difficult but in the end everything was finished in a timely manner.

A lounge area was set up for the escort card and welcome table and since we were going with vintage, what can be more vintage than old pictures in black in white of the family of both families and childhood portraits. Pictures are always a wonderful way to personalize the wedding, and guests always enjoying taking a look at these photos while they wait for the ceremony to start, refreshment in hand.

The guests also get a chance to add their own photos to the display.

The ceremony still went off without a hitch and our photographer took a beautiful photo of the bride and groom, using a trick with the light. We still absolutely love this photo, even after how long it’s been. I will be heading to Shanghai again at the beginning of next month. Very excited to share the final designs of another beautiful wedding with all of you.